Heart Block

heartblock comic

Cartoons used to help me study in school. Even now, in practice, I find myself referring to them to refresh my memory. And sometimes making new cartoons on things I didn’t learn so well in school. Heart block and all the different types always confused me. Hopefully this little illustration helps you remember which is which!



I’m happy to be finally updating on some of the exciting stuff I’ve been up to. A lot of the work I’ve done recently has been private/commission based, and not a lot could be uploaded here, but I now have a few things in the works that I can share!

I recently was invited to contribute cartoons to The Scalpel, the bi-annual newsletter of the Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine, under the title “Vet Tails”.┬áThis gave me that little extra push to work on more┬ácartoons aimed at a veterinary audience. So join me for Vet Tails, where I share some humorous situations from practice.

I’m always on the lookout for more funny “tails”, so no matter what aspect of vet med you’re in, if you have any funny stories about veterinary medicine, do share them, and maybe you’ll inspire some more┬ácartoons along the way!